Communication Design Portfolio

Emphasis is placed on the conception, creation, planning and realization of visual solutions to complex problems. G+K integrates methodologies, aesthetics, human factors, technology, materials, context and audience to develop strategies and solutions that give form to print and digital solutions. We encourage innovative visual ideas that inform, interpret, instruct or persuade the intended user across the spectrum of applications. We employ strategic thinking, using market research, creativity and problem-solving.


Sybase is an enterprise software company offering software solutions to manage and analyze information utilizing relational databases and analytics. These brochures and data sheets were created as leave-behind and prospecting tools to help the sales staff. Because the client participates in many trade shows around the world, a color system was devised so sales and marketing departments could have easy access to the correct information they need.

American Century

American Century Investments is a leading investment manager serving financial intermediaries, institutions and millions of individual investors. They offer a broad variety of investment products, including a brokerage service. G+K established the brand identity for the Brokerage (ACB) that included all aspects of communicating the brand across all platforms.

AXIAL Engineers

Axial Engineers provides safe, efficient structural engineering solutions for both commercial and residential applications. Together with their expertise and collaboration, they are able to inform the client of the pros and cons of various structural engineering options. G+K guided AXIAL through the Brand RoadMap process to arrive at the name for the business, the logo design as well as the look of the website. Once the brand vision was created by the RoadMap, other marketing elements are much easier to create.


InterHealthUSA provides proprietary, value-added nutritional ingredients, that include Activin grape seed extract, Super CitriMax®, ChromeMate®, L-OptiZinc®, Protykin®, OptiBerry®, Aller-7® and others. G+K created national advertising campaigns for these products, as well as developing logo designs and marketing collateral pieces.

Raub Brock

Raub Brock Capital Management offers comprehensive advisory services to clients located throughout the United States. Services include the construction of a customized investment portfolio, individual financial planning as well as a host of other financial services.
G+K was asked to create a logo for the company as well as design marketing collateral that included the initial presentation materials.
The four steps in the logo refer back to their 4-step approach to investing, helping clients achieve their financial goals.

Clervi Marble Company

For over 93 years, Clervi Marble Company was the premiere fabricator of marble and granite in the Bay Area. G+K created advertising campaigns targeted to consumers, architects and designers. One of our print ads won the ROCKY—the top award given by the Marble Institute of America for a national advertising campaign. Some of our campaigns were targeting the trade (designers and architects), while others were targeting the homeowner, always leveraging the 93 years of experience.

Miyako Hotel

The Miyako Hotel, located in the heart of San Francisco, was a traditional Japanese, country-style hotel offering a unique experience.