G+K Brand Building

INSIGHT. INSPIRATION. INTEGRATION. The “3 i’s” are at the center of how G+K collaborates with our clients.

INSIGHT. Your company’s brand experience is created from a brand vision. The experience itself is everything your audience senses about your brand. Engagement happens by identifying and exploiting the magic in a brand: the insight or idea that connects to the audience. G+K’s Brand RoadMap helps to distill the information gathered in the RoadMap process into an insight that will resonate with your company’s target audience. G+K then sews it into every communication touchpoint.

INSPIRATION. “Don’t loaf and invite inspiration; light out after it with a club.”  — Jack London

The secret to having good ideas is to have lots of ideas to choose from.  Seeing the creative problem with ‘fresh eyes’ is a prerequisite for producing a concept that will present the proposition in an original and memorable way. First, we must understand what the target audience expects to see; then we take them by surprise by introducing the unexpected.

Great execution becomes content! This approach also helps our client’s ROI by creating relevant information about their product or service in a unique way, so our story will be heard.

INTEGRATION. A good working process is even more crucial when brand campaigns are executed across a range of media. This ‘integrated campaign’ approach is used when the brand seeks to project a core message or insight to as broad an audience as possible. Today’s IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications) model includes everything from digital sales promotion and social media, to event advertising and more traditional channels.

Having a clear brand vision first before a company creates it’s icons, logos, websites or advertising promotions, ensures the clarity and focus that is necessary for companies of any size to effectively communicate their brand experience.

G+K Brand RoadMap


A company’s brand is a value-driven investment. This investment needs to be defined and managed proactively as an asset for growth.

At the core of our philosophy is our unique approach to the brand process: The G+K Brand Roadmap.  We view this procedure as critical in order to guarantee seamless implementation of messaging across all platforms, both internal and external. In short: G+K serves as a custodian for your brand with long-range visibility. This includes identifying and leveraging existing brand assets and protecting brand equity and position.

The Brand Roadmap is a document developed through a strategic process that identifies a company’s unique values, message and personality. Once completed, it serves as a template for you and everyone else in your organization to follow to ensure brand consistency. In essence, your Brand Roadmap will give everyone in your company a clear vision of who your company is, and what your company stands for.

The better a company knows itself and what it stands for, the better it connects with everyone who comes in contact with it.

Our firm’s full range of resources include research, content and communication design, as well as strategic brand development. In addition, we work with your company to determine what exactly is needed to achieve clearly defined goals. In other words, we identify a strategy and then decide on what tactics will be effective for increased ROI.